Saturday, September 7, 2013

Blogfodder -- scrap the whole government


Nope .. cannot agree. The American republic -- always far from perfect but nevertheless an ever-changing republican experiment -- has been hijacked. By whom? That should be obvious -- the great military, industrial, financial, corporate complex. Money is power because we have made it so. By the way, this is not new. The revolution of "We the People" and "We hold these truths to be self-evident" was hijacked at the 1789 Constitutional Convention and we the people have been in a constant struggle ever since. It took until 1842 to secure universal WHITE MANhood suffrage -- 1922 for the female vote -- 1960s to enfranchise blacks and others. Two centuries of struggle and progress hang now in the balance. What we want is to SECURE our republic and certainly neither in control of the oligarchs (what we have now) nor that of the advocates of puerile flavor-of-the-month political solutions whether identified as anarchism or libertarianism.

Government is not the enemy; the FINANCIAL system is the enemy -- and they own our (and your) government .. and you. Less regulation isn't the answer -- it's what got into this mess. Take control of the government and move it forward. The time is always now.