Sunday, February 5, 2012

Graham Moore, The Shee, Dick Gaughan, and "Tom Paine's Bones."

 There's a new cover of composer/singer Graham Moore's wonderful "Tom Paine's Bones" here:

The Shee do a nice job on it. Dick Gaughan's is probably the best known cover of this piece, but I still much prefer the composer's original. I haven't been able to locate Graham's old website, so if anyone has it, please send it along. His DVD entitled "Tom Paine's Bones" is full of the best music you'll ever listen to ... some of it traditional English radical and/or folk pieces ... some of it, like the subject of this blog, music of his own composition. The entire album with samples is available here and it comes highly recommended by yours truly. Best wishes, Graham, wherever you are:

[and thanks for another good link are due again to blog-friend and Paine scholar Harvey J. Kaye]

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