Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Glenn Beck and Thomas Paine -- more ignorant claptrap

Tipped off by alert Paine reader and advocate HJK, I decided to post this video of Glenn Beck in action spouting lies and nonsense about Thomas Paine. Can you count how many misrepresentations? 

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  1. For starters, Paine was NOT taken to an infirmary. The door to his cell WAS marked for his execution, but the executioner passed it by because the doors opened outward -- because I physician was VISITING Paine -- and the chalk-mark "X" faced the wall. Or perhaps the executioner didn't want to take Paine ... in either case, Beck is full of ... well, Beck.

    There is no doubt, moreover, that Paine believed in God. If you doubt me, read just the first few paragraphs of the first part of AGE OF REASON.

    Beck is a national disgrace ... in fact he's a disgrace to the entire human race. He shouldn't even be allowed to use Paine's name. For a dissection of his POS book on Paine's COMMON SENSE, see my review on this blog at


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