Monday, June 29, 2009

Thomas Paine Museum in the news again

The Thomas Paine Museum story has now been picked up by respected media-blogger Robert Cox in a report entitled:

EXCLUSIVE: New Rochelle's Thomas Paine Museum Seized by New York State Attorney General and Board of Regents Submitted by Robert Cox on Mon, 06/29/2009 - 17:13.

The link his here:


  1. As a New Yorker I am personally outraged by the former director of the museum, Brian. Those artifacts and historical documents were the property of the state of New York and should be considered the property of all the people in the world. He needs to be taken court and hopefully a punishment equal to the crime is handed down. This needs far more media coverage.

  2. I agree, but why hasnt the identity of the true culprit here emerged ? Both McCartin and Mulkern are puppets for a former "Board President" who shall remain nameless here. This person singlehandedly wrote the obituary of TPNHA and the museum years ago, when legitimate and dedicated board members were manipulated and eventually ejected from the board by a self-described" Paine expert", who has no credentials, and who should be called to account.

  3. Thanks for your comment "anonymous." I'll name the former "board president" for you. That's a matter of public record. His name is Gary Berton and you're correct: in many ways he's the person whose machinations are most responsible for these disastrous outcomes. Thanks again for your post.


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