Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thomas Paine Museum: the saga continues

The story has now been picked up by the local New Rochelle JOURNAL NEWS. Here's the link:

The facts speak for themselves: incompetents
sold off the pearls of the museum collection, janitor-
turned-president McCartin flown the coop, remains of the museum
holdings surrendered to the NYHS, McCartin best-buddy Mulkern
(no historical background or museum expertise of any kind) the newly
minted "acting" -- in more ways than one -- executive director of
an association-in-name-only claims to rule over the ruins. "Disgruntled"
doesn't begin to describe my reaction.

The JN reporter was evidently overawed with McCartin-crony
Mulkern's newly minted title and couldn't be bothered to check
and see who constitutes the "TPNHA" and board that Mulkern
claims to represent. Allow me to suggest that the organization
exists in name only -- same as Mulkern's title.

One can only speculate that whatever agreement exists between
the NY AG and the perpetrators of this outrage allowed Mulkern
and company to claim "voluntarism" in exchange for the
removal of McCartin and the holdings.

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